Monday, June 2, 2014

In a world full of Apps don't you wish there was a real world App?

It's an App World
We live in such a politically correct world that far to often conversations are vague and intangible.  This is especially true if this conversation is taking place in a structured environment.  Add business, organization, or school to the nature of the discussion and the wording becomes as abstract and stale as day old French bread.  Companies can't talk about specifics for fears of policy violations.  Organizations can't speak on certain subject on the risk of boycotts.  And educational institutions can't encroach on things that are in union contracts.  It all leads to a whole lot of nothing getting done.

It drives me crazy.  All this abstract talk about nothing might sound good in a board room, but on the ground level when you are dealing with problems face to face it's all a bunch of hot air.  Sterile, non offensive analogies do little good to help people with real world problems.  Politically correct, motivational speeches don't get people off of drugs.  And theoretical policies meant to shuck off responsibility will never heal people's wounds.  If you want to make a difference in this world you have to get down and dirty with people. You have to get on their level, shoulder to should with them.  Walk multiple miles in their shoes.  And most of all you have to feel their very real pain, not their theoretical pain.  Then you might have a shot at making a difference in someone's life.

Ground level Apps
Meanwhile, we will just keep on downloading Apps that let us live in our fantasy games or teach us how to speak more politically correct.  Anything to but a barrier between us and the real world.  And if we have to much free time we will find someone to pamper us, because we want to make sure we feel like we are the one's that are deprived.  I really wish there was an App that showed people how good they have it.  How high up the ladder in the world they lived.  Showed them how many people in their own neighborhood that live on less than a quarter of what they have.  How many people in the world lived on less than two dollars a day.  But I guess the company that puts out that App would be deemed offensive and suffer boycotts. Seems like a self preserving cycle if you ask me