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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year and New Beginnings

So It's been a while.  A year and a half ago, I gave up my blog because I thought is was uninspired and in a rut.  Well as my mother always said, "be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it!".  So with far to many harsh lessons I recommit to writing down my views and oh so painful lessons.

I will save some of the harsh things for other posts.  2012 actually had some great moments.  Ju's band won numerous awards, including a "clean sweep" at a district marching festival and a trip to State competition in concert band. Re's football team won the 7&8 grade championship.  Ju shocked us all with a 31 on his ACT.  Re was one of 11 student's selected by Duke University to test ACT as a 7th grader.  Oh and there's that minor detail of Ju earning Eagle Scout. (6 years of blood, sweat, and tears).  My kids bring me endless joy in all their pursuits.

On a personal level, the good things in a word, would be FRIENDS! You usually know who your friends are in life.  But when friendship means you need help, then you find out who is closer than a brother.  The countless people that have help with our flood issues.  Whether it was gutting, housing us, rebuilding, helping get our kids to their functions, and just letting us cry on a shoulder, their are far to many to mention.  Then their are those who stepped up on our other fronts.  Helping Penny with her Real Estate was something unheard of in that cut throat business.  The people that came out of the woodwork to cover all my RA band duties and the Troopers that carried the mantle in Scouting.  I could work a lifetime and never repay the debt of 2012 to my friends.

On a spiritual level I finally found out the meaning of Fellowship.  Meeting the people of Bridgepoint Church caused me to rethink that all churches are corporate only.  To have brothers to bear your soul to and have them really take stock in your well-being has been life changing.  To be in fellowship, that is to know people in and out of everyday life, is so drastically different that looking at the back of some one's head and trying to find into a systematic church.  Without fellowship, church is meaningless. (and you can quote me on that)

So I see many good things to build on in this coming 2013.  Still more lessons of the past year to glean from.  But, most importantly so many more relationships to both create and cement into a life of living with people that I am proud to call my own!

Happy New Year!