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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tranquility base.

I've often read that some of the things that separate us from animals is our self awareness.  That we are efficient enough to take the time to reflect on our thoughts and the world around us.  But is that true of humans today?  How many take or have the time to think about their place in the universe? Most people have one or more jobs. (actual employment) Then most have kids in school, that brings things into your life such as homework, PTO, fund raisers, and the dreaded science projects. Some also sit on boards or committees for anything from sports to academic clubs to scouts. Let's not forget the one's who have to care for loved ones, whether it's a child with a learning disorder or an elderly parent that needs attention. These are all very good things to be involved in, but when do you find the time to immerse yourself in things that sooth your inner soul?

I'm talking about things that not only bring happiness but also bring a peace deep down inside of you. These things are usually not materialistic. They usually involve things that some would consider primitive. Finding the time to find inner peace is not selfishness. In fact, it's usually just the opposite. If you find a gift that you have a perfect harmony with, it often ends up bleeding your peace and tranquility onto others.  A number of friends, as well as my Son, find it in the playing of music. If you ask the ones who "love" to play music, how it makes them feel, they'll give you some responses that sound a little out there. Such as having connected with their roots. And I feel like I'm playing with angels. These people have found something that causes a harmony in their inner soul that no amount of materialistic gain could accomplish. I have one friend in particular that can sing with the best of the best and hit any note on the scale. Yet she has no interest in seeking fame or fortune. She's happy to sing at church or family gatherings. It's not about the gains it's about the peace.  Of course, there are other avenues to find peace. Personally, I find peace in gardening. To put your hands in the earth and feel the life God has placed there is an experience I have a hard time explaining. To know the value of ten minutes of rain and see a plant respond with it's fruit is priceless. Others find it in being counselors or mentors to less fortunate. Many find it in their quiet prayer closet. Some find it at the summit of a mountain where they feel closer to heaven. A rare few find it out in the open expanse of the ocean, where the vastness of our world puts them in touch with their place in it.  Oh to be on the Apollo 11 trip to the moon and report back from tranquility base.  Now that truly is a place to be alone with your thoughts.

There are many ways to find inner peace and harmony. I hope you make time to satisfy your soul. What good would it do to amass everything you could in life and be as hollow as a fallen tree? A world full of people that have filled their inner soul with peace is a world that has no need to try and take away peace from others.  Peace of mind and soul is such a precious commodity that you should seek your own.  I hope you find your own tranquility base without having to fly to the moon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Financial Pretenders

Are you a financial pretender? This is a very murky question in today's America. The political powers that be would have us believe that it is all cut and dry. That it is a country of rich versus hard working and hard working versus welfare recipients. I say that this is not so. There are those who pretend to be any of the three.

Let's back up a step and look at the recent Obama Foreclosure Loan Modification Act. At first glance most would say this is another handout to welfare cases. But very few welfare recipients own homes. Then one would think this is for hard working people that struggle. The truth is hard working people either find a cheaper home or cut corners to make sure their mortgage is up to date. You must be 3 or more months behind to qualifiy. Ninety percent of the hard working people would be so embarrassed at being 3 months behind they would abandon the home. You would say surely this is not for the rich, because they have money to pay for their home. I say just because you have money doesn't mean you know what to do with it!

Yes folks, this is for the pretenders! These people are the ones who keep up with the Jones' and neglect their bills. They must have the latest style of shoes, clothing, cars, and hobbies. Sacrificing anything that would affect their popularity is just beneath them. They can tell you what and who is "hot" but, can't tell you what their mortgage interest rate is. These are the same people that think bankruptcy is no big deal and screwing someone out of their earned money is "just business". They quickly tell the mortgage company "I don't have the money for this months payment" and then invite all their friends over for steak night. Their version of "have to" applies only to material fads and fashions, not to paying their bills. I assure you that you know someone like this.

My wife is a realtor and, some of the things I've heard people tell her over the years would bend your mind. One person told my wife "I would rather go into foreclosure than not make a huge profit on my house". Another said "now is the best time to have a house foreclosed on"! She had to pick me up off the floor after that one.

The problem is these pretenders pose a danger to all of us. Their bankruptcies cost us in higher prices for everything from credit card rates to repairman bills. Their foreclosures bring the value of our homes crashing down. Their example causes our children to ask why we don't live like them. Worst of all, even though these people bad mouth welfare recipients and government handouts, these people will vote to keep this Socialist Administration in power. How else are they going to keep up the shell game without him?

Are you a financial pretender?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Constitutional Rights??

I hear so many things said about Constitutional Rights these days, I often wonder if anyone has their "own" knowledge of these rights? It's so over played in media and political rhetoric that it's becoming a mythical thing. Constitutional Rights is up there now with the likes of Zen and the Force! How many Americans can quote any of their rights? Most wouldn't trust a politician to watch their goldfish but we leave the defending and interpting of our Constitutional Rights to them!

No where in the Constitution does it say that Republicans should keep Democrats in check or vise versa. It is our duty and right as Americans to keep all elected officials in check. We must hold them accountable for all their actions, both in legislative votes and public declarations. Their actions are the representation of us, the voters. When one of them supposedly sells their vote, we as electors have all sold our vote! When one of them uses their title to gain favors, we all have committed malfeasance!

The media is quick to distance us from the actions of politicians. Saying "don't get emotional about a Senate vote" or "we need to tone down the rhetoric" is not the words that should be broadcast. I should take it personal because, they are by law my representation! How quickly we could turn around the actions and personnel in government, if we would all take it personally!

Do not be put to sleep by smooth talking politicians or, their smooth talking media spokensmen! Stand up on your own two feet and defend your own Constitutional Rights!